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  About Rislin

We are based in Sydney Australia. We design, develop and supply Customer Service and Business Communication Applications. Rislin also provides professional services like custom software application development and technical documentation services.

Rislin was originally started in 2004 for R&D and started commercial operation after changing as a proprietary limited company (Pty Ltd ) in Australia in 2009. From 2009, we have been providing top quality products and services to businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Often people ask what does "Rislin" mean. In fact the word Rislin, which is a registered trademark stands for "Research and Innovation Solves Local and International Needs(RISLIN)".

Rislin applications has been in use in several large and mid sized companies. Some of our customer service applications are specially designed for Contact Centers.

We don't have outside investors and we pay our bills and fund product development and R&D with the revenue from our services and product sales. We give every customer and business partners, big or small top quality service and support.. we call it customer experience ++

  Team at Rislin

Most of the key people at Rislin came from the R&D and Engineering support background. We worked as a team in the past for a large multinational company and we still continue working as a team here at Rislin. It is now roughly 10 years now. Our past experience in Research and Innovation helped us with good product design and implementation.

Over the years we improved our customer service functions and provide great technical support for our customers and business partners. We call it customer experience ++

We provide high quality technical support for our customers. We don't say 'you should do this and that'.. we do it for you !!

  Products and Applications

We design, develop and supply Customer Service and Business Communication Applications.

We call our applications Omni-Channel because all our customer service and communications applications support multiple communications channels. This includes SMS, Phone Call, Email, Push and Social Media.

E.g When a car servicing business franchise implements our omni-channel solution, their clients can book for the car service by Web or by Phone or their clients can receive notification via a communication channel of their choice when the car is ready for pickup. It can be a phone call, SMS, Email or Tweet.

Rislin applications has been in use in several large and mid sized companies. Some of our customer service applications are specially designed for Contact Centers.

With callback app, clients can leave a telephone number to be called back on when the wait time is long or when the office is not attended. Clients can also request callback by web or even by SMS. Callback app will schedule the call at the requested time. Callback app can be used in contact centers or by SMEs. Learn More

Notifive is used by businesses for Payment Notifications, Personalised Promotions, Voice Notifications and for Actionable Notifications. Notifiive often preferred by businesses compared to other tools because they can make the notifications "Actionable". E.g a payment notification can be sent with Pay to Click or a service reminder can be sent with "Click to Book". Notifive is also Omni-Channel capable. Learn More

Rislin Survey and Feedback has been in use by several companies for collecting customer feedback on service quality and for understanding Net Promoter Score (NPS). Post call survey is the telephony version of the Feedback and Survey application used in Contact Centers. Businesses use Feedback and Survey app via SMS, Email, Web and Phone Surveys giving them an integrated and unified report on customer satisfaction and they can implement improvements based on data and not intuition. Learn More

  Research and Development (R&D)

Rislin was originally started as a Research and Innovation company and we are still very much active. Our RnD projects include Agrinetics, ( data based decision making software tool for agricultural industry), Artificial intelligence/software agents for business applications and Computer Vision

In fact the word Rislin, which is a registered trademark, stands for Research and Innovation Solves Local and International Needs(RISLIN)"

People at Rislin are authors of several patents. We were instrumental behind several highly successful products during our time well known companies in US and Australia.

  Professional Services

Rislin provides top quality software development services. We specialise in Custom Business Applications Development, Communications Software Development and Embedded Systems Development. The team has extensive experience and knowledge in developing custom application for customers in Australia, New Zealand and US.

Details of some of our projects can be found here.

Document Services Suite (DSS) is a software toolkit to convert your old style PDF or Word documentation to web based documentation. Document Services Suite toolkit enables you to provide a customer focussed approach to technical documentation.

With DSS you can provide a web based documentation portal without creating and customizing tons of HTML files individually and manually.


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