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VoIP Software Development Service

We have extensive experience in software development for VoIP platform from different vendors. We have executed several large and important projects for VoIP solution providers and vendors in US, Australia and New Zealand.

IVR Development

ivr development
IVR Development
H323 or SIP based IVR application development

We have extensive experience in IVR Development. We can assist you to develop IVR application using the specialized development tools or pure in Java which can be integrated to your existing business application and to your SIP/H323 VoIP system.

We assist in developing enterprise level authentication and authorisation for your custom VoIP applications, IVR applications, CTI applications or other general database application linked to your VoIP systems.

CTI Development

CTI Development
CTI Development
CTI Development to integrate telephony systems with business applications

We have extensive experience in developing custom application for your CTI systems.We have developed various custom applications for VoIP solution vendors and their customers

We have extensive experience in enterprise level Java development with and without using frameworks. Java is used extensively in VoIP platform and our Java expertise help you with system integration or application development. See Business Softwar Development for more details.

VoIP Systems Integration

VoIP Systems Integration
VoIP systems integration
VoIP systems integration

Team has extensive experience in VoIP products integration. This will help you to integrate your VoIP systems with your existing business systems via call control protocols like 323, SIP or web services like SOAP, REST or proprietary schemes.

Cloud VoIP Communication Apps

Cloud VoIP Communication Apps
Cloud Communication Apps Development
Cloud Communication Apps gets you what you need with minimal cost rapidly.

With detailed knowledge of VoIP systems and APIs of major cloud based communication providers such as Twilio, Plivo we can develop custom VoIP applications to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

Software Management

We will provide access to Git or SVN repositories or host the code in the version tracking system of your choice.

Development Environments

Supports various IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, Code Composer Studio...

Bug Tracking

Access to Trac or we can host the bug tracking tool of your choice giving you complete visibility on progress.

Quality Code

We guarantee well designed code with detailed design documentation and test results.


We design with security in mind providing enterprise level security.

Mobile & Tablet Ready

Our UI / Front end designs are responsive designs with no extra cost.

Great Support

Our customers get great support direct from developers by email and / or phone.

Back to Back Maintenance

We provide back to back yearly maintenance if you need for a very reasonable price.

We Will Test It Thoroughly

We ensure the software we provide is thoroughly tested before User Acceptance Testing.

Very Competitive Pricing

We provide fixed cost for projects with clear statement of work. Or we can work on time and materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are not an VoIP Business Partner and we are not VoIP Reseller. You can either buy an application from us or we build custom software for you. Some of our software application like UC Callback, UC Survey and Dialler Lite supports different vendor solutions.

Yes you can use Rislin services to develop your customized inhouse software. We have our extensive experience in working with business partners or with customers directly. If you have an existing business partner you would like to work with, you can ask them to contact us

Its hard to give an estimation without knowing the details. Cost often varies based on requirements like high availability, security, application functionality, authentication/authorisation, redudancy, database connectivity, web services and other factors. In some cases, we can assist you with developing the Scope of Work

There can be several reasons why you should consider Rislin. We are specialised in developing applications and skills and knowledge in this area is quite broad. Vendors often focus on selling their products and often customised application development is not their top priority or focus. We have extensive experience in assisting VoIP Business Partners. In some cases, cost is an important factor. Rislin services can be upto in some cases 1/10 th of the fees

Unless your software contractor or developer has extensive hands on experience in developing on VoIP platform, you are taking a big risk. Most developers think if Java API is available, they should be able to develop applications. Though it is theoritically correct, in practice the developers need to have a solid understandig of the complexities of system integration. Rislin over the years has developed solid experience in this area and we factor this in when we design and develop the application.

Yes. We will provide training for you team. In addition to training, we provide documentation on design, implementation and troubleshooting

If we developing the custom application, we will give you the source code. SOW will clarify the details

We provide you with software maintenance support for a additional fees

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One of the best ways to gauge us to read what we have done and what customer have to say about us.