Emergency and Critical Alerts

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Omni-Channel Emergency Notification

Sent Notifications via Email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Phone calls...all managed centrally.

Benefits for Sender

Send critical or emergency alerts quickly and easily

    Centralized system supporting multiple channels.

    Centralized response management.

    Mass notification by social media.

    Omni-channel allows notification via different channels.

    Integrate with existing system or works standalone.

Benefits for Recipients

Receive critical communications via preferred channel

    Phone call notification for emergencies.

    Opt-in and Opt-out for less critical situations.

    Receive updates via SMS, Phonecall, Push and Social Media.

    Embedded links in short messages for details.

Omni-channel Alerts

Phone-call, SocialMedia, Push, SMS, Email...

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Phone-call Alerts

    Voice Alerts are very useful for emergency alerts or other important alerts such as evacauation alerts, bush fire alerts, critical system failures. It is more effective in many such situations than using SMS, Email, Social Media or push.

    The best part of it is its simple and fast. Select the recipient list, select the voice template and click send. Calls will be made to their numbers and the recorded voice will be played. Senders can create new recording easily or use a pre-recorded message or use Text to Speech. (TTS)

    To learn more go to Notifive application.

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Social Media Alerts

    Social Media Alerts support Twitter and Facebook.

    Allows the recipients to share the message to others quickly.

    Recipients can opt-in or opt-out to receive updates easily.

    Sender can manage the recipient details centrally and send alerts based on location or other choices.

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Push, Email and SMS Alerts

    Send SMS alerts from contact list, CSV, Excel easily.

    Embedded short links in SMS for more details.

    Centralized response management with IVR system.

    Supports Email and Push alerts for non critical messages or updates.

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Quick Send

Centralized Recipient List Management

Integration with Maps, CRM or similar systems

Hosted or On-Premises deployment



Stand alone or integrate with existing system

Rislin Notifive can be integrated with existing CRMs, ERP or Emergency Management Solutions or it can be work independently.


Location based notification


Actionable Notification

Recipients can act on the alerts they receive. For example, for phone call alerts, recipients can get more information by pressing a digit upon receiving a call and the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will provide more information.


Embedded short links in Tweets or SMS

SMS or twitter messages can be embedded with short links easily. Short links will allow the recipients to learn more about the situation in detail.


Mass Notification

Notifive allows the sender to send mass notifications easily and quickly. Simply upload the excel spreadsheet or select the recipients from contact database and click send with pre-built templates.


Centralized Response Management

Responses to emergency alerts can be collated for reporting or to trigger other business work flows. Advanced heuristic analysis can be performed on responses messages.


Centralized Reporting

Custom reports can be created using SQL queries or use pre-build reports. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel or CSV for archiving or analysis.


Integration with Maps

Notifive can use the data from google maps to provide notifications based on geo location. For example sender can select a suburb or town or any geographic area and only recipients within the address will receive the notifications.


Centralized recipient list or contact list

Notifive comes with integrated contact list management or integrate with existing database systems or google apps.


Automatic recipient email and telephone number validation

Notifive has advanced email and telephone number validation methods to reduce bounced emails or messages being sent to the wrong person. The validation is more advanced than simple regex checks traditionally used for validation.


Integration with existing CRMs or other systems

Notifive can work alone or it can be integrated with existing systems like CRMs, Emergency management systems or google apps.


Hosted or On-Premises

Notifive can be used as cloud application or you can deploy it on your private servers.


TTS or recorded voice support for phone call notification

Phone call notification can use Text To Speech (TTS) or use recorded voice. Notifive also supports variable data to be embedded in the message.