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Technical Documentation Service

Companies often underestimate the power of good documentation and how important is this on customer satisfaction and user adoption. Our experience with large multinational companies and start-ups tells us the same issue, documentation is one of those activities to get the project ticked off as done.

Document Services Suite is a software toolkit to convert your old style PDF or Word documentation to web based documentation. Document Services Suite toolkit enables you to provide a customer focussed approach to technical documentation.

This enables you to provide a web based documentation portal without creating and customizing tons of HTML files individually and manually. The tool kit also enables you to provide your customers with powerful enterprise grade document search, single web portal for all documents, downloadable examples and many more. Using Document Services Suite toolkit enables your customer support team with an integrated platform for improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

Document Services Suite

Document Services Suite
Document Services Suite

A customer focussed approach to product documentation requires a transition from old style pdf or word documents to web based technical documentation and support.

This has several other benefits too.

  • Efficient version control and release management of your documents.
  • Automatic notification on document updates.
  • Ability to convert to PDF for off-line access.
  • Downloadable examples and tutorials.
  • Enterprise grade search capability.
  • Integration with your customer support portal.
  • Integration with your internal applications like Sharepoint.
  • Single point of reference like docs.yourcompanyurl.com.
  • Access from anywhere and from any device.
  • Control access to the documents via Authentication and Authorisation or make it public.
  • Developer friendly, enabling your developers to update or create additional notes, wiki pages.
  • Decrease customer support requests.


Software Documentation

Software documentation is more than just creating or generating an API documentation. We assist you with example codes, getting started guides or developers guide.

Web Documentation

We provide you fully tested web pages with backend application which you can easily integrate to your corporate site or support site.

Mobile and Tablet Ready

Our documentation application components will be Mobile and Tablet ready enabling your users to access it easily anywhere.

Good Support

We recognise that fact product undergoes changes all the time and we will provide continued support to make those changes. However our design is such a way to make it all easy for you to update it yourselves as well.

Document Search Feature

We incorporate powerful enterprise grade document search feature. This enables customers to search through the contents of documents quickly without going through each of them.

Search Integration

Searching documents of different document types like PDF, text files, Word Files is much more than a simple search feature often seen in company websites. We provide you with enterprise grade search feature providing indexing, efficient real time search and many more...


DSS Tool Kit

Document Services Suite

Document Services Suite toolkit comes

  • document generator, enabling you to convert PDF or word to web format,
  • enteprise grade document search engine,
  • corporate web portal integration,
  • version control and release management,
  • sharepoint integration,
  • authentication and authorisation,
  • wiki pages for adhoc notes, examples, tips
  • training module.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The answer is both. Given our software development and engineering background, we understand how to write technical documentation. We also provide you with an integrated content management solution which will make it easier for you to add, change or edit documentation.

Technical writers are great for some types of documentation. However as the complexities of the products and programs increase, you often need teams which understand technology and software well. Getting a technical writer with no software experience to write a Java guide on how to use your API is often very much time consuming and frustrating for both parties. With our background and experience in software development, we help your technical teams to create the documentation allowing them to focus on their core activity.

We provide an open source based content management system that we will customize to meet your needs. We will also make the web interface to it mobile/tablet friendly.

Our service is more than just installing a content management system on your network. It involves optimising and customising the system to meet your needs. As someone said "Open-source is free only if your time has no value."

Software development teams are often best at developing software. If their talent is diverted into activities, often two things happen. They feel undermined and since this is not their key focus and strength, the initial enthusiasm wanes off and documents don't get updated causing major customer dissatisfaction. It is also very common, developers and project managers move to the next project leaving behind the support team to worry about customer support and updating argumentation. This is why a service provider like Rislin help you to fill this gap and get the job done in a very cost effective way improving the productivity of your staff and improved customer satisfaction.

Its bit hard to give an estimate without knowing the details. In some cases, we are just providing a one off service of creating a technical guide on a product in PDF format and in other cases you may need us to improve your whole documentation integrating to your corporate web page with powerful search facility.

Document Search feature is a very powerful and essential feature for your customers and often internally to the employees as well. Documents are created by different teams and often in different formats. This is frustrating for internal staff and for your customers if they are looking for some information. The information might be there, but it can not be found. Some are on the support site, some are on the local network drive and some are just floating everywhere. Though we can't help with the internal process, we can give you the tools which make it easier for customers to search the documents. This search feature is much more than just a simple search button you often see in corporate websites.

Sharepoint is a great tool. However integrating sharepoint to your support website or documents in platforms other than windows can be very challenging and costly. If you have an existing Sharepoint or similar products, we can assist you with integrating sharepoint with custom pages using sharepoint APIs. We support Sharepoint integration as a part of Document Services Suite.

Here is a list of services we provide under Technical Documentation Service

  • Create technical documentation on your products and services in PDF, Word, etc...
  • All the necessary work required to get documentation portal / content management system on your network.
  • Integrate Enterprise Search functionality.
  • Make it Mobile/Tablet ready.
  • Integrate with Intranet portal or with your internet sites.

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One of the best ways to gauge us to read what we have done and what customer have to say about us.