Rislin - Omni Channel Survey & Feedback Application

Omni Channel Survey & Feedback Application

Omni Channel Survey is a multichannel survey and customer feedback application supporting Phone, Email, Web, SMS and Social Media. Supporting multiple channels for survey and feedback from customers enables the business to get a consolidated view.

Multichannel support

Phone, SMS, Web, Email, Twitter.

Post Call Survey

Get immediate feedback

Hosted or On Premise

Cloud or on-premise option

Email & SMS survey

Simple and highly effective

What How Why

What is Omni Channel Survey Application

Omni Channel Survey application is a software application for running a multi channel survey program. Supporting Email, SMS, Voice and Web channels, Omni Channel Survey enables you to choose the mode you prefer. Having an unified survey enables you to better and integrated reporting, analysis and insights which is difficult if you have different solutions for web, sms, phone or email. Omni Channel survey allows you use and pay just what you need, making it highly cost effective. It doest stop here.. See extensive feature list and configuration options.

Omni Channel Survey can be fully integrated to your VoIP systems. Omni Channel Survey can be configured to run just as Post Call Survey in a contract center environment allowing your agents to get feedback from the callers. Alternatively if the caller prefers, SMS survey will be sent to the caller on call completion.

How do I use Omni Channel Survey Application

There are different ways Omni Channel Survey application can be used. Here are some typical examples on how to use Omni Channel Survey Application.

Example 1, Omni Channel Survey in a hosted by Rislin and used as a Post Call Survey for Contact Centres

  • Contact Centre Agent on finishing the call, transfers the call to Omni Channel Survey local telephone number.
  • Caller will be asked few short questions and responses are collected via phone keypad or voice.
  • Contact Centre manager get weekly reports in PDF, Excel by email or access it Omni Channel Survey website dedicated for that customer.
  • Simple.. No integration, No capital expenditure, No technical complexities..
  • If the customer prefers SMS suvey, agent enter the mobile number of the customer via PC browser or using telephone keypad.

Example 2, Omni Channel Survey is installed on premise, used for Email, Web and Phone survey

  • Omni Channel Survey is installed on a linux or widows server and customer administer it via a web interface
  • Omni Channel Survey Applicaiton configured to use SMS, Email and Phone.
  • Omni Channel Survey can be integrated to IVR solutions from different vendors.
  • Accounts division wants to send a survey to customers on a new payment method and get some feedback.
  • Accounts team create the list from their CRM system or Accounts system upload into Omni Channel Survey.
  • Accounts team schedule it to run next week starting on Monday.
  • Based on the customer preference, outbound phone survey or Email Survey will be initiated.
  • Collected responses available to Accounts team via web, PDF, Excel..

What are benefits of using Omni Channel Survey Application

  • Only survey providing IVR(voice), SMS, Email, Web channels enabling you to choose any or all in an integrated way.
  • Pay only for the features you use or buy.
  • Supports hosted or on-premise deployment.
  • Bulk import facility.
  • Integration to your existing VoIP system or CRM/ERP or other database apps.
  • Greatly improves customer experience and contact center productivity.
  • Enteprise Level features.
  • Supports IVR solutions from different vendors.
  • Advanced Features.
  • Highly cost effective.
  • Maintenance support and integration help.

Check out the feature list and competitive differences

Key Features

Voice, SMS, Email and Web Support

The benefits of an integrated multichannel survey are enormous, providing you better results and enables you to extend and interpret results.

Integrates with existing VoIP systems

Omni Channel Survey application can run on a standalone server or on your existing IVR / VoIP application servers.

Hosted or On-Premise deployment

Customers who prefer on-premise deployment can install Omni Channel Survey on their server. This deployment sometime useful to integrate with internal CRM or other database systems.

Voice Message support on survey

In some cases, the best way to get customer feedback is via voice. Voice is a powerful feature on Post Call Survey or some in customer feedback by inbound calls as well.

Integration with Notifive

Omni Channel Survey can be integrated with Rislin's Notifive, enabling you to get notification on specific events like a customer requesting a further discussion after a post call survey. This enables you to take quicker action

Integration to your website

Omni Channel Survey can be integrated easily to your existing website allowing visitor to give feedback easily.

Advanced Reporting capability

Reports can be viewed using web browser. Reports can also be exported to PDF or Word or Excel for futher analysis, filtering and reporting.

Integration with your VoIP system, CRM system or other database application

In addition to exporting customer list via CSV file or Excel records, Omni Channel Survey can be extended to integrate with your existing systems if requried.


Feature List

Click on the features for details.

Customers can dial in and participate in a short survey providing responses using phone keypad/dtmf or use voice. Inbound phone survey is useful for certain age groups or during special events or conferences where attendees dial in and take the survey or can be used as a voting system..

Post Call Survey is useful when you need to capture customer feedback after the call. This survey may be specifically about the call the agent answered or it could be a generic one. Responses can be collected via phone keypad responses or voice.

SMS survey are extremely useful to collect simple responses for one or two questions. Research shows people respond to SMS survey more often. E.g a car servicing centre sends a one question survey, a week after their vehicle was serviced in the centre. Question about customer satisfaction to rate from 1 to 5, 1 being poor. The service center could collect the information and could take necessary action.

Survey requests can be sent by email. The links in the email enable the participant to answer the questions. We are using proven techniques to prevent email going to spam folder and templates which render correctly in most of the email clients.

Web survey enables you provide visitors to your website to provide some feedback. The web survey can be tigtly integrated to your business website or it can be standalone linking to Rislin hosted service or to the internal survey web application if running on premises.

All survey provide the capability for the users to unsubscribe. Customer can view the list of unsubscribed users and system will automatically handle unsubscribed users. E.g if a new list for survey contains a number or email previously unsubscribed, the tool will not send a survey request anymore


Competitor Analysis

OmniChannel Feedback & Survey Other Products
Inbound Phone Web Suvey, Post Call Survey, SMS Survey, Web Survey in an integrated fashion. You need to get several products with painful and costly integration with disjointed reports.
Pay only for the features you use or subsrcribe. High initial payment.
Use Rislin servers (hosted) or install in your server. Often one or the other.
Enterprise level features like voice message for Inbound phone survey or Post Call Survey. Very difficult and expensive with high maintenance.
Fully web based and no installation in hosted version. Installation and maitenance are high costs and less reliable.
Direct support by the developers. Go through several levels to get to the people who can help you and resolve your concerns.
Advanced Reporting enables you to view the reports in different formats like web, pdf, excel .. Generally restrictive or some nice graphs only. No export to excel and limited capabilty to customize to your needs.
And still cheaper 5 to 10 times as you pay only what you need! Not flexible pricing and add maintenance and expensive licenses, it adds up 5 to 10 times in a business deployment.
Extensive Feature List. More importantly you pay only for the feature you need and add when you need it. Limited configuration and features. New features need forklift upgrade!
Many User Configurable Features. Often a black box only the vendor can configure.