Rislin Embedded Systems and DSP Development

Embedded Systems and DSP Development

Our experience in Embedded Systems Development is extensive. It is lot more than optimising the code for Arm processors or pipelining for a particular DSP core. Some of our team members were former employees of organisations with extensive experience in Embedded Systems and DSP.

DSP Development

DSP development
DSP Development
DSP Development Support.

Development for TI ( C64X/C67X series), Freescale/StarCore (MSC 815x/MSC 825x), Broadcom, Lucent 16410/1627. Knowledge on both fixed and floating point. We provide end to end service from Specification, Development, Testing and Validation, Release management.

MicroProcessor Development

microprocessor icon
MicroProcessor Development
Micro-processor development using C, C++ and assembly

Several ARM and MIPS based systems ( ATMEL ATmega series, Broadcom BCM110x..), Motorola/Freescale PowerQuicc, STM32.

We provide end to end service from Specification, Development, Testing and Validation, Release management.

Audio Video Development

Audio and Video Development
Audio Codec porting and optimization, Echo Cancellation and PESQ testing

We have experience in Codec Development (G711, GSM-AMR, G723.1, G729), Echo Cancellation , PESQ/PSQM testing

Video protocols include H263/H264, MPEG, AVC.Detailed knowledge of RTP, RTSP protocols.

Embedded system integration

embedded systems integration
Embedded system integration
Helps you to implement embedded systems integration to peripherals and interfaces efficiently.

We have experience in Serial interfaces (I2C, UART, SPI), I/O peripherals ( PCI, USB, TDM).

Software Management

We will provide access to Git or SVN repositories or host the code in the version tracking system of your choice.

Development Environments

Supports various IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, Code Composer Studio...

Bug Tracking

Access to Trac or we can host the bug tracking tool of your choice giving you complete visibility on progress.

Quality Code

We guarantee well designed code with detailed design documentation and test results.


We design with security in mind providing enterprise level security.

Mobile & Tablet Ready

Our UI / Front end designs are responsive designs with no extra cost.

Great Support

Our customers get great support direct from developers by email and / or phone.

Back to Back Maintenance

We provide back to back yearly maintenance if you need for a very reasonable price.

We Will Test It Thoroughly

We ensure the software we provide is thoroughly tested before User Acceptance Testing.

Very Competitive Pricing

We provide fixed cost for projects with clear statement of work. Or we can work on time and materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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For embedded system development we primarily use C and C++. However for integration and testing we use other programming languages like Python, Scala, Flex, C#/.Net, Java, shell scripting.

In most cases, we can assist you. As the details can wary a lot, it is best to have a phone or email conversation with you to find out, if we can help you.

If your license allows it, we can assist you with the work.

Its very likely we can assist you with this. Its often best to have a discussion with us about your requirements wrt memory, speed and so forth.

Due to the confidentiality of the projects, we are not allowed to give details. However we can provide you examples of the type of work we have done and past experience of our team in this area.

Its bit hard to give an estimate without knowing the details. Rislin takes pride in our skills in this domain. So in many cases we can give you a fixed price, if the Scope is fairly well defined.

We have development boards for some platforms. As there are many many variations and the needs are different, it is best to discuss with us by phone or email.

Source code belongs to you and during development we give you access to our secure source control system. The testing of the completed version will be done in the evaluation / development board agreed.

We have done in the developments for Codec (G711, GSM-AMR, G723.1, G729), Echo Cancellation , PESQ/PSQM testing.

We have extensive knowledge in Various signaling protocols (SIP, H323, H324M, SS7, MGCP, QSIG, ISDN,CCMS...) Media transport protocols, (RTP..), QoS protocols (RTCP..), Diagnostic protocols (SNMP..), Audio/Video codecs/protocols ( G723,G711,G729,AMR... H263/H264, MPEG, AVC...), V150, IEEE 802.15.4


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One of the best ways to gauge us to read what we have done and what customer have to say about us.