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Callback Application

Post Call Survey

Apps for Contact Centers

Works with any VoIP enabled contact center solution

Good for Agents

  • Callback application for follow up calls.
  • Post Call Survey to get customer feedback.
  • Works with any IP Telephony system with SIP support.
  • Convenience for customer support team.

Omni-Channel Callback  &  Feedback.

Convenience for Customer Service team & your customers.

partner support

Callback Application

  • Offer callback when wait time is long or for after hours calls.
  • Customers can book callback via web 24x7.
  • Callback requests can be made by agents as well for follow up calls.
  • To learn more go to Callback Application.

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Post Call Survey Application

Post Call Survey works with any SIP enabled PBX system.

Features includes voice feedback, advanced NPS rating, integrated notification and reporting.

Works in Post Call mode or outbound phone call survey.

Integrated with SMS, Email or Web Survey to get feedback from any channel with unified reporting.

To know more go to Omni-Channel Survey and Feedback Application.

Customer Experience ++

24x7 callback booking by phone or web

Works with any SIP enabled PBX.



Callback with advanced features

Omni-Channel Callback is an advanced app designed for contact centers small or large. Callback application can work independently on-premises or on cloud. It can be integrated to any SIP enabled PBX/ACD systems or can work totally independently. Learn more about Callback Application.


Integrated Notification

All contact center application comes with integrated omni channel notification facility. For example for online callback request, confirmations can be sent via SMS, Email or Tweet or callback booking can be cancelled or postponed from the SMS or Email reminder. Learn more about Callback Application.


Omni-channel Support

Omni-Channel support is built into all aspects. Omni-Channel support include SMS, Email, Phone call and Twitter. For example a callback request can be made via web and the confirmation or reminder can be sent via sms, email or twitter.


Simple and effective

Contact Center Apps are easy to use and effective add ons to any customer care team. The integration is simple with minimal learning curve. Please Contact Us for a demo.


Cloud or On-Premise Deployment

The solution can be deployed on-premises for security or regulatory reasons. Please Contact Us for on-premise deployment details or pricing.